Pride parade in Tel Aviv 2019 late review

The Annual Tel Aviv Pride Parade is always a happy event. The happiest event of pride! The Parade started as a struggle for gay dignity and rights – The LGBTQ community. The community choose the way they are celebrating their pride by adding extra value and the call for liberation, safety and equality for the […]

Playcon Israel summer 2019

So, what is the playCon live 2019? PlayCon live an Israeli wen stars festival taking place in the Expo Tel Aviv. The PlayCon is becoming a traditional event of the Israeli summer. Every year the participants that are visiting the PlayCon festival increasing. Everything that counts a mainstream in the last few years and following […]

Short day in Jerusalem

Jerusalem short day tour during the Selichot times. It is an excellent time to visit Jerusalem during Selichot. So, in this forced vacation by the government on the day of the elections Starting point Let me tell you about the great day we had. I am first starting in Modien testing the new Totem time […]

Selichot times

Selichot – asking for forgiveness The particular time in the Jewish calendar, the Tishriey holidays are here and so is the Selichot the meaning is asking for forgiveness. I know I’m in the middle of the blog for the tours in the north of Israel. but in this time of the year, I want to […]

Megido – The Holyland Heritage

Megido or Armageddon? one of heritage site of the Holy land Great locations in Israel that great tradition and value for anyone in any religion. Megiddo – Hebrew: מגידו; Arabic: مجیدو‎, Tell al-Mutesellim, lit. “Tell of the Governor”; Greek: Ἁρμαγεδών, Armageddon (Wikipedia). The Megiddo mountain is a place with so much history. A glorious past, an apocalyptic future, This is the way it’s […]

Abu Gosh restaurant and Ein Hemed park now sweets!

After a great visit in the national park of Ein Hemed and eating in Abu Gosh restaurant we headed to the deserts. After a great visit in the national park of Ein Hemed and eating in Abu Gosh restaurant we headed to the deserts. So what did we find at the sweets store? Fresh made […]

Abu Gosh restaurant and Ein Hemed park

After taking a great Saturday at the great outdoors of the national parks of Israel, visiting the national park of Ein Hemed which you can read everything about it in this link: Vip Israel We didn’t organize for a picnic; it is possible to picnic there, so I’m not sure why. After enjoying the park, […]

Israel National parks, Heritage of Israel

This weekend despite the extreme heat, we went out to nature, and I am here to tell you all about it. There will be a few parts connected food and outdoors of some of the Israeli landmarks of Israeli, pilgrims, and Arabic. So En Hemed National Park was our choice. Ein Hemed is a national […]

The Dead Sea

Dead Sea, Masada and Ein Gedi – Must visit while visiting Israel The Dead Sea is one of the most amazing created by nature in Israel. The Dead sea is in the north part of Israel, and it the board with Jordan. By Wikipedia, the Dead Sea is surface and shores are 430.5 meters (1,412 […]

Glamping? Eco? Camping?

Glamour camping is glamping, and here is one more fantastic location. This hosting combines the vast standard accommodation and the natural fantastic beach and shore. This place I’m going to tell you about is one of the amazing ones, I think. First of all because of the location and second the glamping itself. Are you […]