So, what is Glamping?

Glamping is glamorous camping; it is a resort-style services and not “traditional” camping. Glamping became popular in the last years, tourists seeking the luxuries of hotel accommodation alongside “the escapism and adventure recreation of camping.”

Even is Israel this trend is becoming popular the glamping luxuries vacation.

Colonia - VIP glamping Israel
Colonia – VIP glamping Israel

We all as kids, went to the outdoors, sleeping in a tent. we didn’t shower and eating BBQ, But today we probably much more spoiled than what we use to be, we love to go to the outdoors, and we want our kids to have some of what we had in our childhood, but we like the new style outdoor vacation.

The new outdoor VIP vacation or VIP Glamping, a clean tent with A/C, sometimes the glamping has a Jacuzzi.

Here I’m going to give you some likes and connect you to some VIP glamping in Israel in the north and the shout and even in Eilat.

We will start with one of the most appreciated places in Eilat, the site named – Colonia.

Colonia has nine tents; Colony is a village near Coral Beach and the Taba south of Eilat, each tent named after a river and the Eilat mountains.

The tents lining on a lawn of grass, each tent have an AC, toilet and jacuzzi, privet balcony, each tent designed in a different style and different way.

In the Colonia tent complex, there Is a restaurant – Colonia Restaurant.

Colonia - VIP glamping Israel
Colonia – VIP glamping Israel

In Colonia, you can celebrate any event such as birthday, anniversary, parties, and more.

Colonia also has a driving club and Snorkel diving.

It is much more than glamorous camping!

Next post will be one more of Israel glamorize camping and glamping

Last time we talked about glamping, the VIP tent vacation, we saw the fantastic Colonia village in Eilat.

Glamping is a perfect combination of tent vacation and free vacation — highly premier boutique class hotel in an outdoor tent.

Colonia is one of the luxuries glamping in Israel, but there are a few more glamping sites in Israel, some are more luxuries, and some are less. Are you ready?

We will go north from Eilat to the Mitzpe Ramon in the Negev. Ziat Bamidbar is a village in the desert, there is some leisure vacation option, but now we will talk about tents.

The Indian tents

This Indian tent is not as glamorous as the Colonia, but it’s more than the regular tent.

These tents have mattresses, light, and safety box.

In the winter there is heating, and in the summer, there is a small pool to cool down ( I guess there is no AC).

 In the outdoor in the Indian tent, You will find a BBQ to cock “on the fire” in free translation.

Glamping vip Israel
Glamping vip Israel

You will find an open-door shower and shared toilet.

There are a few kinds of the room there are – garden view room and pool view…you are more than welcome to check for yourself if you would like to visit here.

The facilities of the village are privet pool, shared bathroom and shared toilet, bathtub or shower, dining area, and barbecue.

In the desert, it’s usually cold and night so you better take some warm clothing (Yes, even in the summer the night might be frozen).

There some more accommodation option in this location such as African hut, the castle suite, and the Chun, but this time we are talking about the VIP tent.

Vip tours Israel glamping
Vip tours Israel glamping

Do you like it so far?

More are coming in the next article on Glamorous Camping.

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