Looking ecologic and yet fill the desert?

Well, look what Israel have to offer:

This time this place is not luxurious and not glamorous, but the location and the accommodation are incredibly fantastic.

So far by location, WOW!

Located in a magical desert landscape on the rim of the Ramon Crater, is the perfect desert accommodation option for individuals, families, and groups.

Mitzpe Ramon tours of Israel
Mitzpe Ramon

What is Makhtesh Ramon?

Makhtesh Ramon is a geological feature in the Negev desert at the peak of Mount Negev.

The landform isn’t an impact that cratered by a meteor nor a volcanic crater formed by a volcanic eruption.

 The world’s most enormous “erosion cirque.”

Mitzpe Ramon
Mitzpe Ramon

The formation is 40 km long, 2–10 km wide and 500 meters deep, and is shaped like an elongated heart.

Amazing view, the fantastic sunsets, and the sunrise…Now see yourself enjoying and relaxing in a place like that, unique like nowhere else in the world!

Desert Shade is a place like that, Eco-camp in the magical desert on the rim of Mitzpe Ramon, the city next to the Makhtesh.

This accommodation ready to receive and host individuals, families, and groups.


The desert shades are locating on the edge of the most massive crater and nature reserved in Israel.

This is the ultimate gateway to explore the desert trails in the area.

The accommodation is a walking distance from the city center of Mitzpe Ramon.

The eco-camp also has a volunteer center, So the place is not luxurious, but it has a unique Eco camp and as we mentioned Desert Shades are happy to host volunteers from around the world, all year long, who are seeking for a meaningful experience of connecting to nature and people from all over the world.

If you are looking for a meaningful and environment, this is your place to visit.

Mitzpe Ramon
Mitzpe Ramon

So, what are the sleeping and room option?


The ecological tent built with recycled materials.

The Bedouin Tent:

Suitable for groups of 8-15, authentic desert experience.

And you can also build your tent.

You can host your event or connect to the fantastic nature.

For sure, this is an experience you cannot have anywhere else in the world.

No worries, I have some more unique and VIP tours and locations.

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