Let’s talk about quality cuisine in Israel.

We are writing on all kind of food and news and info, but I like to attribute these lines for one of the known restaurants which is more than just a restaurant in Israel – IDI fish.

The IDI restaurant locates not far from the Ashdod beach.

What and where is Ashdod?

Ashdod is a harbor city in the southern district on the Mediterranean coast, only 32 Km from Tel Aviv.

Ashdod is the largest port city in Israel.

60% of imported goods in the country.

In the previous year, Ashdod has been suffering from alarms and booming from Gaza during the Military operations.

Ashdod is a biblical city, and even appears in the new testament.

After known a bit about this city let me tell you about Idi and his fish restaurant.

Israel restaurant Idi
Israel restaurant Idi

Idi was born In Israel, the first restaurant Idi opened was in 1980 with his wife Tali but closed in and reopened Idi which specialized in fish in 1982.

The restaurant moved to the current location in 1995, and it’s open since then.

Idi opens an Italian and fish store next to the fish restaurant.

Supreme cuisine Israel
Supreme cuisine Israel

The Restaurant

Counted as one of the best fish restaurants in Israel and not only between the fish restaurants.

Idi’s restaurant brings the scent of the sea to you to the plate accompanied by an artist’s touches that make the best of it.

By their site even after two decades of culinary doing, At the IDI Fish Restaurant, each day restarts from the ability of the sea to inspire – with fresh seasonal produce and rare treasures for the sea.

The restaurant became during the years to a for the anchor for diners from Israel and abroad who embark on a culinary journey on the Mediterranean coast that combines classic styles with local Israel taste and flavors.

Israel supreme cuisine
Israel supreme cuisine

The IDI offering fresh seafood and delicate, it’s is not Kosher, so it’s open on the weekends.

IDI won some great cocking and tourist rewards.

Israel tours vip
Israel tours vip

So, no matter if you are in Israel or coming to visit Israel alone or in a group, make sure to visit this great restaurant.

Make sure you are taking the Garlic wine shrimps or the Fried Calamari, or maybe the Mussels. I think anything you will take with is amazingly tasty!

Idi wrote some books and here is a link to some of IDI recipes from Mako.

Hope to see you there in one of the Israel quality cuisine institute, please let me know if you did go and what you ordered.

Desert israel vip
Desert israel vip

Live long and prosper!

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