A world food market in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, 2019

In the last weekend we made a great decision, and we attended the 3rd World Food Market in Tel Aviv-Jaffa.
It is the 3rd year that this food market is taking place and I’m so happy we were there, I want to tell you all about it but before I do I urge you that if you might have a chance go and eat there,

It’s those one of a kind cozy places that in 2-3 years you will find yourself telling to your friends “Hey I was there at the very beginning and I knew it’s going to be a huge success”, oh ya and we got a discounted beet vouchers at the entrance.

World food marked VIP Israel
World food marked VIP Israel

So, what did we eat?

I wish I could eat everything and I wish I had a separate stomach for each world food type they have but I don’t.
Before we got to the World food market we really wanted to eat Indian food and we said that the first thing will be the Indian food in the market.

Right after the first shoomzing in the market area we went to the Indian food booth, when we got there we encountered a dude in the booth trying to make his move on a girl while ignoring us all together.. well.. I’m certain he didn’t get the girl and on the way he lost customers, we will not buy anything in that Indian booth.

But we were hungry, and what was our first stop?
We started at the winner / hot dogs named Fat Dog, Offering a Berlin-style hotdog with Curry and Chili, it was tasty, but I’m not the right person to ask about it as I like hotdogs, the most interesting part was that the right after your order the dog, the guy pulls out a blow torch and burns the hot dog right before he plates it, and ohh boy that thing is good!

Hot Dog vip cuisine Israel tours israel vip
Hot Dog vip cuisine Israel

The buns booth was right next the Fatdog one so we had a taste of the buns as well, we took a bun with Asado style meat and pickles, it was a beautiful bun… it’s not our first bun, and we even make buns at home, we had no surprises for the good or the bun.

Bun world food market israel vip
Bun world food market israel vip

After the great hot-dog and the bun with the asado, we decided to use the vouchers we got and had some break on the bar, they had only Maccabi, not Weihenstephan, after all it is an Israeli beer, but a very cold beer is good always good.
We are a little full here, but we must taste some more

The people in the Colombia booth were very happy, they are cocking great stuff with the corn flour.
We had an Empanadas from corn flour – tasty! We liked it a lot with meat and chicken.

VIP TLV food marked israel VIP
VIP TLV food marked israel VIP

Our next stop was the Thai, but this time we eat only chips.

The Georgian booth was tasty, we had Georgian food, the Khachapuri with four kinds of cheese. We also had the Churchkhela – a sweet Georgian dessert – Candy made of grape juice mixed with flour and walnuts – energy boost!

World great food in Israel
World great food in Israel

Time for Desserts? oh yes, please!

We left the final stops to the Japanese deserts.
Starting with Mochi, Mochi is a Japanese rice cake full of yummy ice cream. We tasted the Mango, Chai, and coconut.

And last in sweet Japan booth, here we had a few great desserts.

Time for desert Israel VIP
Time for desert Israel VIP

We eat the Dango – Rice cake with sweet soya sauce.
We also tasted two other desserts, I don’t know the name; it was some lime ice cream and green tea, both were very tasty.

World food market
World food market

After eating so much, we went home for our Saturday nap under a well worthy A/C.
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Shabbat Shalom!

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