After taking a great Saturday at the great outdoors of the national parks of Israel,

visiting the national park of Ein Hemed which you can read everything about it in this link:

Vip Israel

We didn’t organize for a picnic; it is possible to picnic there, so I’m not sure why.

After enjoying the park, the kids (yeah right) wear so hungrily, and we wanted to eat.

We had a bad experience in the past in the Abu Gosh restaurants.

Abu Gosh Israel cuisine
Abu Gosh Israel cuisine

But, we were eating at the restaurants in the entrance of Abu gosh, Never drive inside.

This time we decided to go farther in.

It was the right call!

Abu Gosh Israel cuisine
Abu Gosh Israel cuisine

We arrived at a place on a hilltop with a great view of the mosque of the Abu Gosh.

The Chechen created the mosque, and the story is that :

Councilor Salim Jaber, traveled to the Chechen capital Georgian and succeeded in convincing the Chechen government that the name Abu Ghosh is a disruption of the word “Ingusha,” the name of the area Mountains on the border of Chechnya and Georgia and that the villagers are initially Chechen (Shishan in Arabic).

The Chechen donated this mosque. You can visit it if you are coming to eat.

Abu Gosh Israel cuisine
Abu Gosh Israel cuisine

Back to our stomach, we got to a place named Abu Ghosh restaurant.

This restaurant won the enormous Hummus plate in the world!

Kind and inviting hospitality from the first second, we entered the restaurant.

Fresh, tasty salads, hand made fresh pitta bread hot from the over and tasty fresh Hummus.

We were always keeping it simple, and it is also a good baseline to compare restaurants.

This time we also took the Pargit as I mentioned before and Kebabs.

Abu Gosh Israel cuisine
Abu Gosh Israel cuisine

The meat was so tasty! The kabab was grounded correctly, and the spices were just the right tasting.

At the end of the meal, they gave us hot coffee and watermelon.

Abu Gosh Israel cuisine
Abu Gosh Israel cuisine

I feel like I missed so much going to the wrong places in Abu Gosh and not eating there!

I must say that for the amount of food and salads, with the drinks we took the bill was inexpensive.

Please, if you are around this restaurant, you must eat there!!

 Let me know!

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