Do you like beer? And festivals? how about beer festival!?

What’s about the drinks?
Thirsty? Let’s drink!

The beer festival is not an Israeli idea, and Israel is not the origin of these kinds of events, but after being in one last weekend, I thought I should drop a line here about this great event.

Beer Festival Vip cuisine
Beer Festival Vip cuisine

Beer Festival!

Music, food, and beer, this all that, needed to have a great evening.

What kind of food?

There were 40 kinds of beer from all over the world, including Israeli beers such as Negev, Malka taking respected place on the beers stage international beers.

Beer Festival VIP Israel
Beer Festival VIP Israel

Proud of our Israeli products!

I understood there were even non-Gluten beers, which is excellent!

I like the sweet beers, but it’s hard for me to believe that anyone who wants beer will not find his taste there.

Food and food trucks

Right next to the beers (after all it’s a beer festival), there was an area of food trucks. The food truck is a new theme in Israel, and they are not allowed in the city areas so for now, we can enjoy them only in these kinds of festivals such this one and the Eurovision festival.

Food truck offered smoked meat – tasty meat. We had some great Berlin sausages, not really the Israeli heritage, but hey we want to eat.

Beer Festival Kfar Saba VIP tours Israel
Beer Festival Kfar Saba VIP tours Israel

One for the food trucks offered great burgers, and others were making baked potatoes and pasta.

There was something for everyone to eat and to drink.

Last and I think least the music!

On the first day of the beer festival, the band – Monica sex performed – I understand that they gave a great show!

On the 2nd day of the beer festival (the day I was at the festival) – The performance was by Mofah Harnavot of Dr. Casper, there is no English way to write the name of the band.

Rock group from 1994, reunited not long ago and they have excellent rock music.

The festival was a free entrance.

I’m a big fan of such events and trying to go to every occasion there is.

I’ll keep an update here on any event I’ll go.


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