Glamour camping is glamping, and here is one more fantastic location.

This hosting combines the vast standard accommodation and the natural fantastic beach and shore.

This place I’m going to tell you about is one of the amazing ones, I think.

First of all because of the location and second the glamping itself.

Glamping in Achziv VIP Israel
Glamping in Achziv VIP Israel

Are you serious by now?

OK, so here it comes…. drums LOL

Achziv Beach

The Achziv Beach is in the fantastic and magical Western Galilee. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Achziv is one of the most fantastic beaches in Israel.

A real gem of grace. Inlaid with sea bays. Sea turtle laying sites. Fatty fish and rare plants. Right here!

Glamping in Achziv VIP tours Israel
Glamping in Achziv VIP tours Israel

In the Achziv besides the glamping, there are many water attractions such as speedboat cruises, kayaking tours, refreshing and challenging water sports.

Why VIP?

Well, in the Achziv shores are amazing, The glamping is not far from the beach with plenty of activities for the whole family, Can lay on the beach, can do some sports activities, anything you like for anyone, This is a real VIP and a real vacation.

About the glamping and the accommodation:

The glamping tents are round 5 Meters about 20 square meters. Each canvas tent is over a 50 square meter wooden floor. Each tent has two entrances – one from the back (east) to private showers and toilets and power outlets. The second entrance is to the front of the tent to a front porch facing the sea. In the porch, you can sit in the evenings and watch some fantastic breath-taking sunsets.

What’s inside?

In each tent have a double bed, photon bed for two more. It’s possible to add mattresses on the floor.

Glamping in Achziv VIP tours Israel
Glamping in Achziv VIP tours Israel

In each glamping have a fan, You can add air conditioning to each tent at an additional charge.

A central area includes a barbecue area, refrigerators, and a dishwasher sink.

This area of Israel has lots of amazing luxurious and adventures tours.

Are you still here or did you go to pack?

There is some more glamping to see. Please, visit us again for more glamping and unique vacation.

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