Dead Sea, Masada and Ein Gedi – Must visit while visiting Israel

Dead sea VIP tours of Israel
Dead sea VIP tours of Israel

The Dead Sea is one of the most amazing created by nature in Israel.

The Dead sea is in the north part of Israel, and it the board with Jordan.

By Wikipedia, the Dead Sea is surface and shores are 430.5 meters (1,412 ft) below sea level,[4][6] Earth’s lowest elevation on land.

Many people from many places are coming to see and to dive in the Dead sea.

You don’t have to know to swim because you can only float. It is fun to feel weightless.

The sea called the Dead sea because it’s high in salinity, there are no fish on any living thing in the Dead sea, the salinity is the reason for that.

Part of the Dead Sea is on the Jordanian side if you like to visit Jordan you might see the Dead sea from the Jordanian side.

In the same area, about one hour from Jerusalem not far from Arad. If you are visiting the Dead sea there are some other places you should visit:

Ein Gedi :

Ein Gedi is a Kibutz in the Jordan desert not right across the street from the dead seashores.

Ein Gedi and Dead sea mud
Ein Gedi and Dead sea mud

Ein Gedi is also the Nahal David, and it is excellent for hiking.

While walking to the nature reserve of Nahal David, you will walk thru waterfalls till you get to the significant waterfall.

The way back is much more comfortable. You can walk thru water if you want.


Masada is one of the most heroic biblical places to visit.

Masada located at the mountain top, in the Jordan desert. UNESCO declares the Masada at one of the world heritage sites.

Masada & Israel heritage
Masada & Israel heritage

One of my recommendations is to watch the sunset while visiting the heroic remainings of Masada.

So how to get ready for the Dead sea visit?

Don’t forget, sunscreen, a hat, and a swimsuit.

The Dead sea mud is well known for its good qualities for skin problems and Psoriasis.

The Lonely Planet has some advice for your first visit to the lowest place on earth!

Dead Sea Israel tours Vip
Dead Sea Israel tours Vip

Some of their tips are:

Don’t shave a day or two before visiting the Dead Sea.

-Don’t wear jewelry

-wear flipflops (sure thing, anyways you want to be able to walk into the water with shows.

-Don’t splash or dunk your head – this will cause a burn in your eyes.

-Drink lots of water; it is extremely hot and dry, make sure to drink!

-Make sure not to carry away to the Jordan part – it will be hard to come back.

I love to visit the Dead Sea; it is nothing like anything in the world!

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