The Annual Tel Aviv Pride Parade is always a happy event.

The happiest event of pride!

The Parade started as a struggle for gay dignity and rights – The LGBTQ community.

The community choose the way they are celebrating their pride by adding extra value and the call for liberation, safety and equality for the members of the LGBTQ community in Israel.

The movement started at the ’60s of the last century and continuing up till today by creating an event and increasing awareness of this essential community.

This active group of proud people is creating and celebrating events all over the world, and to my opinion, it is working, there is not even one in Israel who doesn’t know about the pride parade and their event.

The LGBTQ are striving for an equal right; This was the 21st parade. The parade started at Ben-Zion Boulevard, and from there Mayor Ron Huldai took the participants in the procession towards Charles Clore Park.

Many artists were performing on stage -Assi Azar, Miri Mesika, Harel Skaat, Ran Danker, Shfita and more, some of them are well known as part of the LGBTQ community.

The city of Tel Aviv estimating 250000 people took place in this parade.

Ron Huladai, The mayor of Tel Aviv said: “We all deserve to raise our voices, and come and say that after the long road, there is still much more to do, I promise you that we will not let go and will not give up and will continue to fight until we see full equality in the State of Israel. Happy holiday “

Rubi Rivlin, the president of Israel, has recorded a message – “The State of Israel has only one, and everyone lives in it together … Opinions involved, members of the community live in Tel Aviv and elsewhere, some of them pointing to the left, some to the center and some to the right. The community must be preserved and nurtured. “

The new Minister of Justice came with his spouse to the parade as well.

It doesn’t matter if you are gay or straight black or white; all of us need to have equal rights!

 It was a colorful, musical event.

Happy and joyful to us all!

I love seeing and report about crazy amazing event and love to see that the city of Tel Aviv giving these events!

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