Israel national parks – Ein Hemed

This weekend despite the extreme heat, we went out to nature and we decided to go one of Israel national parks – Ein Hemed, and I am here to tell you all about it.

Israel national park Ein Hemed

There will be a few parts connected food and outdoors of some of the Israeli landmarks of Israeli, pilgrims, and Arabic.

So En Hemed National Park was our choice.

Israel national park Ein Hemed

Ein Hemed is a national park just a few Kilometres from Jerusalem also named Aqua Bella or Deir el Benat.

The national park located in the path of an old Roman road.

This road control traffic to Jerusalem, and to protect pilgrims who wear visiting Jerusalem.

Israel national park Ein Hemed

The kingdom of the Holy city of Jerusalem build the fortresses to protect the crusaders and pilgrims.

From the sites of Israel Nature and Parks authority,

 Crusader fortress and remains of an agricultural farm.

In the southern part of the park is a fortified building from the Crusader period, which appears to have served a farm. The ancient remains have been taken care of and preserved, adding a mysterious and magical historical aspect to the park.

Israel national park Ein Hemed

The national park was established in 1968.

This fantastic park is suitable for any age of visitors.

The running water. The picnic area. The playground.

The park is well maintained – the picnic area, clean picnic tables, playground, green lawns of grass, You can visit and stay over in a tent. There is a picnic table for a great time out, but fire and BBQ and not allowed.

Israel national park Ein Hemed

You can spend a day with the kids taking a walk thru the water, can take a walk around the park, it is a short walk smaller than I imagined.

The water is recycled water, and the water is spring water flowing through a stream of Kesalon stream, which brings the water into the starting point. This system prevents the stream from drying during the rainless years.

Israel national park Ein Hemed

The water is also giving an advantage to the agricultural farm.

Would I recommend it?

Most definitely!

Take a day with the kids. Refresh yourself in the cold water, have some picnic, rest on your way to Jerusalem.

Have fun in Israel nature and national parks!

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