Jerusalem short day tour during the Selichot times.

It is an excellent time to visit Jerusalem during Selichot, so…Jerusalem short day tour!

So, in this forced vacation by the government on the day of the elections.

Jerusalem short day tour

Let me tell you about the great day we had.

I am first starting in Modien testing the new Totem time new game with the kids.

Jerusalem short day tour

This forest is beautiful and green, lots of BBQ spots — an excellent place to spend some weekend or a day off.

We started our tour at the Yamin Moshe neighborhood; this neighborhood was the first Jewish neighborhood outside the old city walls.

Jerusalem short day tour

The story of this neighborhood was established by Moshe Montefiore and by the Montefiore Welfare Fund.

Montefiore bought the lands for the Jewish people that lived inside the walls; it was very crowded but safe. Montefiore also built the mill so that the people that left the old city will have a way to make a living and to take care of their supply.

Today it is a romantic neighborhood with no cars inside, built with a Jerusalem stone.

From there, we headed to the old city, going through the Sultan pool.

Jerusalem short day tour

The Sultan pool is from the times of Herod, and it might mention in the Josephus called Snake pool. It is an apart of the heritage of the holy city.

Jerusalem short day tour

The Old city

We entered the gate to the old city seeing the Tower of David in front of us, carts with Jerusalem bagels, hot corn, the Arabic restaurant which I’m not sure if it’s tasty there or traps for the tourist, etc.

Jerusalem short day tour

Following the Tower of David, we went down the street to the market. Colors and the sites are amazing, all kinds of souvenirs, fruit juices, any variety of souvenirs from Israel (I’m not sure if it is cheap or expensive here, but for sure you have to practice your bargaining skills. I know I did.

We are continuing down on our way to Kotel, which also known as the Western Wall.

Jerusalem short day tour

The Kotel is the remaining of the temple and considers as holy wall due to this fact.

The Western Wall is part of the Holy City and the holiest place for the Jewish. By the Jewish faith, the temple was behind the wall.

Jerusalem short day tour

After finishing we took the time to go to the Machne Yahuda market, it’s not my first visit here’ this place is great for visiting, shopping and eating.

Our Machne Yehuda is for some other time, but we had a great day at the holiest city, and there is much more that we didn’t have the time to visit.

It was a great Jerusalem short day tour

I hope this was the last election day in Israel; we will soon find out.

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