Megido – the holyland heritage

Megiddo (part of the holyland heritage) – Hebrew: מגידו; Arabic: مجیدو‎, Tell al-Mutesellimlit. “Tell of the Governor”; Greek: Ἁρμαγεδών, Armageddon (Wikipedia).

The Megiddo mountain is a place with so much history. A glorious past, an apocalyptic future, This is the way it’s motioned in the Israel National park website.

Megido tours 2 Israel

Megiddo is one of the oldest and stronger cities of the bible in the land of Canaan, and also huge part of Israel heritage

There are remains of the gates, temples, and sophisticated water system. All is a piece of evidence for a great and powerful city – historical, geographical, and theological importance.

Megiddo was significant in the early day;

Megido tours 2 Israel

You can see it first because of the location and the eighth. The period of the ancient city is – early bronze age, middle bronze age, late bronze age, iron age, and modern Israel.

Megido tours 2 Israel

Megiddo special thing which kept it excellent is the fantastic water system. From the days of King Ahab (king of Israel) sometimes in the 9th century before counting.

Megido tours 2 Israel

The high value of the water system is to have access to running water without leaving the city wall, especially in siege times, The water was impotent to the safety and agriculture in these days.

Megido tours 2 Israel

The remaining of the city are in great shape, and the archaeological works are still going on.

Megiddo considered one of world heritage sites, and on of the Israel heritage

The end of the city is by the bible Gog and Magog war, the war mentioned in the Quran and the Christian new testament.

Megido israel history

If it will happen?

Will this be the last war?

I don’t know if any of us will live to see that (most likely we will not).

For now, take the time to visit the remaining of the oldest and most influential city of Megiddo in the next of your next Israel tour.

It is a part of the Holy land landmarks and history.

The tour is not too hard, we made in with flipflops, going to the top of the hill, watching the Israel Valley and all the surrounding.

It was a great visit to the human heritage and past.

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