Beer Festival in Kfar Saba, Cheers!

Do you like beer? And festivals? how about beer festival!? What’s about the drinks?Thirsty? Let’s drink! The beer festival is not an Israeli idea, and Israel is not the origin of these kinds of events, but after being in one last weekend, I thought I should drop a line here about this great event. Beer […]

Israel Quality Cuisine

Let’s talk about quality cuisine in Israel. We are writing on all kind of food and news and info, but I like to attribute these lines for one of the known restaurants which is more than just a restaurant in Israel – IDI fish. The IDI restaurant locates not far from the Ashdod beach. What and where is […]

World Food Market

A world food market in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, 2019 In the last weekend we made a great decision, and we attended the 3rd World Food Market in Tel Aviv-Jaffa.It is the 3rd year that this food market is taking place and I’m so happy we were there, I want to tell you all about it but […]

Negev & glamorous camping

Last time we talked about glamping, the VIP tent vacation, we saw the fantastic Colonia village in Eilat. Glamping is a perfect combination of tent vacation and free vacation — highly premier boutique class hotel in an outdoor tent. Colonia is one of the luxuries glamping in Israel, but there are a few more glamping […]

Tel Aviv food markets

THE most center, young that never sleeps is for sure Tel Aviv. the food capital of Israel will be Tel Aviv. All the most trendy Coffees and restaurants, the markets, the beaches, the events, as said Tel Aviv have it all. I’ll start with the markets of the city.Not long ago I’ve told you about […]

Eco unique desert

Looking ecologic and yet fill the desert? Well, look what Israel have to offer: This time this place is not luxurious and not glamorous, but the location and the accommodation are incredibly fantastic. So far by location, WOW! Located in a magical desert landscape on the rim of the Ramon Crater, is the perfect desert […]

Shavuot – The cheesy holiday of Israel

In the previous days, we have celebrated in Israel Shavuot. Shavuot symbolized by eating cheese and dairy food. If you are not lactate sensitive, you might enjoy this holiday.Is Shavuot is a cheesy holiday? I think it is . It is also a vegan friendly holiday. So, what is Shavuot? Shavuot means “weeks.” The term […]

VIP Glamping – The new outdoor VIP vacation

So, what is Glamping? Glamping is glamorous camping; it is a resort-style services and not “traditional” camping. Glamping became popular in the last years, tourists seeking the luxuries of hotel accommodation alongside “the escapism and adventure recreation of camping.” Even is Israel this trend is becoming popular the glamping luxuries vacation. We all as kids, […]

Eat Tel-Aviv 2019 – Culinary Eurovision in Israel

On the beautiful shores of Tel Aviv in the 16th time – the eat TLV festival in Charles Clore Park. We all love food markets such as North Market, and some of the culinary well know of Israel. This year Tel Aviv hosted the Eurovision, so here we have one more reason to celebrate! Not […]

Unique Israel

Israel is a unique place to travel VIP or just travel in and kind of way you like. So many places to see and visit. For sure you fill find something that will right for you – Israel fits everyone, even unique VIP and more Israel is one of the novel places on the planet. […]