PlayCon Live 2019

So, what is the playCon live 2019?

PlayCon live 2019 in Tel Aviv an Israeli wen stars festival taking place in the Expo Tel Aviv. The PlayCon is becoming a traditional event of the Israeli summer.

PlayCon 2019 Israel tours

Every year the participants that are visiting the PlayCon festival increasing.

Everything that counts a mainstream in the last few years and following after America the Holyland join the trends, the significant fans events such as the Comicon, etc.’

As I said, Israel is following the world trends by creating events such as this one and many others.

PlayCon 2019 Israel tours

It is the new way to advertise and creating new celebs for kids and teenagers, By the social network such as facebook, Instagram, TikToks, YouTube and musically, these allowing anyone how’de like to a famous for a short while, and if you played your cards right might even for a long while.

PlayCon 2019 Israel tours

Kids and teenagers are creating these social media users into a star even a Bar Mitzva dance becoming an event an a reason to upload a clip. You might have the talent to do something, or even if you don’t, you have a chance of becoming a big shot in the social media world of today.

How does it’s done?

You open a channel in the media you like and creating your original content and, I wish it were that easy 😊.

PlayCon 2019 Israel tours

 Israel might be behind in some stuff but in total Israel is trying to keep it up, High-tech nations, etc.

Let me tell you about the PlayCon live 2019 Tel Aviv.

For 2 days in a price of a ticket, you could meet the top content creators in Israel: Youtubers, Gamers, Volunteers and Instagram, Facebook and Musical Stars will appear on several stages operating in parallel:

-Cinema tube stage

-Music stage

-FAQ stage

-Laughter and challenges stage

-Slime stage

PlayCon 2019 Israel tours

In each stage, there was a different show and different performance. My girls are at the right age to enjoy this kind of event, and they did!

Until next year! 

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