Selichot – asking for forgiveness

The particular time in the Jewish calendar, the Tishriey holidays are here and so is the Selichot the meaning is asking for forgiveness.

Selichot Israel holiday

I know I’m in the middle of the blog for the tours in the north of Israel.

but in this time of the year, I want to keep things relevant in these specail time of Selichot. We are preparing ourselves to the new Jewish year and the most important days of the Jewish holidays.

Selichot Israel holiday

 I want to tell you a bit more about these days and to share with you our Jerusalem experience right before the selichot and asking for forgiveness.

What are these holidays?

Holidays are starting in Tishriey in the Rosh Hashanah. Rosh Hashana is beginning the celebration of the new Jewish year.

Only a few days after the holiday beginning the time of the Selichot until the day Yum Kippur fasting it also name Ten Days of Repentance.

Ten Days of Repentance, as mentioned, are the ten days between Rosh Hashanah and Yum Kippur.

As mentioned, these days are the days a person should ask for forgiveness from God and one another, but mostly from God, unlike other times that a person should ask for forgiveness from one another. These days are significant for the Jewish people, most of the people that fasting is usually are not religiose are fasting in Yum Kippur, every boy who had a Bar Mitzva and every girl after their Bat mitzvah should fast by the bible and to torcher their souls while asking for forgiveness from God.

Yum Kippur

Yum Kippur is a special holiday. Cars are not driving, and kids are going by bicycle and most religiose people spending their whole fasting day in the Beit Knesset.

Selichot Israel holiday

The Ten Days of Repentance are devoted to the forgiveness ceremony;

Some people are going to the beach thru their sins away. Some are going to the Kotel to pray. All of them are asking for forgiveness from one another, getting themselves clean for the new year when you have the chance to start over.

Selichot Israel holiday

We decided to go to the holy city of the sacred land in there exact days.

My next story will tell you all about our Jerusalem and the Kotel right before this holy day and the Ten Days of Repentance.

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