Unique Israel

Israel is very unique place!
Let me till you why.

We will start from the north of Israel which snowing in the cold winter and the summer the weather is beautiful and breezy.

We can see this uniqueness first because of the different weather between the areas of the country.
Israel has Plenty of water and water source – The Kinneret, Dead sea, Mideastern sea, and the red sea.


Going down south to the center of Israel, the center of Israel mostly moisty and hot in the summer and not cold in the winter.

The Negev is the desert of the country it is hot at daytime and cold after the sun goes down.


In the Negev going south to Eilat, you have to thru the Arava and the dead sea, the dead sea is one of the world wonders and for sure you should visit there and in Masada. Israel experts are always adding these to the Israel VIP tours.

Eliat is the leisure town of Israel, the foreign shores of the dead sea, the grandest hotels of Israel and all the Israel attractions.

We must mention Jerusalem is the heart of Israel in between the mountains, but it’s heart by the location and by meaning.

In every place, I mentioned there are many things to do, and wherever you will visit, you will not see the same thing twice.

Visit and explorer every place because Israel is a mosaic of religion, people, and locations. see the Unique Israel in your eyes.

You when visitors can take daily tours or taking as many days as possible to visit every site.

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